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Octopus Autopilot Drives

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Octopus is a division of CMP and has been designing, manufacturing and marketing Autopilot Drives for over 20 years. We hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance, and supply drives to most of the marine industry’s leading autopilot manufactures for resale within their autopilot packages.

Autopilot Drives are a major component of all autopilot systems and can be considered as “dumb muscles”. They are either hydraulic or mechanical devices and are powered by 12 or 24 volt DC motors; there is a range of sizes to fit most applications. They attach to the vessels steering system and are controlled by the Autopilot or “brain”. In all cases, they are subject to wear over time and need to be either serviced or replaced. The frequency of the service or replacement of autopilot drives depends on how much use, what kind of use and the environment to which the unit is exposed.

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