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NEW INFOGRAPHIC! Boating Accidents:  Facts & Figures

Boating safety is one of the most important things you should be concerned about when going on the water.  Every year there are thousands of boating accidents, many of which causes loss of lives.  Every year the Coast Guard compiles stats on boating safety and accidents and issues a report.  We have compiled an infographic showing some of the most interesting and relevant data for you to look at.
When it comes to boating safety, Anchor Express offers  number of boating supplies to help you if you are in a jam.  We offer everything from life jackets and PFDs to EPIRBs and PLBs to flares to MOB devices.  Some of the manufacturers we carry include ACR, Ocean Signal, Mustang Survival, Clipper, Kent, Onyx, Stearns, Jabsco, and more.  
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