Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote - E15023

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Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote - E15023

RAYMARINE SmartController Wireless SeaTalk Autopilot and Instrument Remote Control Unit (E15023)

In the Box:

  • Raymarine SmartController unit
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Mounting bracket
  • SeaTalk cables (2)
  • Owner's manual

With the powerful RAYMARINE SmartController Wireless SeaTalk Autopilot and Instrument Remote Control Unit you can take control of your Raymarine SeaTalk network. Set a new course to steer or monitor vital instrument and navigation data in the palm of your hand with the Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote. Big on features, the waterproof Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote is lightweight and compact for easy handling. The bright backlit display and ergonomic keypad offer straightforward operation with access to up to eight user defined data pages.

The Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote features a rechargeable battery that provides up to two weeks of operation on a single charge! The convenient mounting cradle for the Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote simply connects to any SeaTalk network and automatically recharges the batteries from the SeaTalk network power supply.

Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote Features

  • A crisp, high contrast 64 x 127 dot matrix display on the RAYMARINE SmartController
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • Up to eight user definable data pages
  • Single, dual or four line data displays
  • Graphical CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) display
  • Raised profile on Standby button for easy identification in the dark
  • Keylock security
  • Rechargeable via SeaTalk? network
  • Add additional base stations for extended range
  • Add handsets for additional users and customize for each user

Wireless Features on the Raymarine SmartController

  • Up to 32 feet (10 meters) wireless operating range from the base station
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Warning signaled when the remote is out of range of the base station and automatically drops autopilot to standby\
  • Pre-registered  each unit leaves the factory already registered to the base station

SmartController Wireless Autopilot and Instrument Remote
(L to R: SmartController Remote, Wireless Base Station linked to SeaTalk Instruments, Autopilot System)

Upgrading your network to wireless is fast and easy thanks to SeaTalk networking. Simply connect the wireless base station into your existing SeaTalk network, and you're done!

Compatible Instrument Systems:

  • ST30
  • ST40
  • ST50
  • ST60
  • ST80
  • ST290

Compatible Autopilot Systems:

  • ST1000
  • ST2000
  • ST3000
  • ST4000
  • ST5000
  • SmartPilot ST6001
  • SmartPilot ST7001
  • SmartPilot ST8001
  • SmartPilot S1000
  • Raymarine Evolution Autopilots

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